Our credit repair services will help them qualify for loan approval and purchase their dream homes.

Send your low credit score clients to CreditUs.

Whenever you have clients with low credit scores, that prevent them from getting the loan, use your online account to refer those clients to CreditUs.

Then, instruct your client to go to www.creditus.com and sign up for service. Once the client signs up with CreditUs, we will notify you, and his or her credit repair process will begin.

Add your client's mortgage professional.

Your online account allows you to add a mortgage professional to your client's case. This enables the mortgage pro to receive a notification whenever your client's credit reports have been updated. The mortgage pro can then re-check the client's credit scores to see if he or she now qualifies for loan approval.

If the client does now qualify, the mortgage pro updates the client's financing status in his online account, triggering a notification back to you, the Realtor.

Your FREE online account helps you and the mortgage professional track your clients' credit repair processes.

During the credit repair process, CreditUs will work to remove negative items from your clients’ credit reports. There will be 4 investigations with the Credit Bureaus, each investigation lasting for 37 days.

At the end of each 37 day period, your clients’ credit reports will be updated, giving the mortgage professional the ability to re-check their credit scores and see if they now qualify for loan approval.

We keep you notified.

Everytime your client’s credit reports are updated and ready to be re-checked by that client's mortgage pro, the online account will send him or her an automatic notification via email, alerting the mortgage pro that it’s time to see if your client now qualifies for loan approval.

If they qualify and the mortgage pro updates that client's financing status in his online account, you will be notified automatically, therefore knowing if the client qualifies for loan approval and if you can now go ahead and sell him the home.

All of this FOR FREE.

Your online account is completely FREE for both the Realtor and the Mortgage Professional.

This, however, doesn’t mean the client is also getting a free credit repair. He or she will have to pay CreditUs a $99 initial first-work fee, and four monthly installments of $99 each, bringing the total cost of the credit repair service to a fixed and fair $495.